It all started when…

AIM group serves our clients in a variety of roles, each tailored to fit their specific needs. As the client's advocate and professional resource, the AIM group team functions as a direct extension of the client's staff or as a stand-alone organization. In both relationships the AIM group team is mobilized as needed and provides quick response capabilities.

The AIM group team leads the management of the project ensuring that all planning, design and construction activities are comprehensively managed and controlled. 

AIM group delivers task-based services as requested to conduct specific studies, augment the client's in-house capabilities at critical points in the process and supplement the client's in-house staff when workload is high.

Financial Planning & Control
AIM group analyzes the program, builds a financial model and creates control and reporting systems for public and private funds to implement the plan of finance as designed.

AIM group reviews, verifies and schedules the deliver of the funds for the construction project at the right time and in the proper amount

AIM group is a professional organization dedicated to providing expert program management, strategic and financial planning and construction consulting services. 

Services - Detail
· Feasibility Analysis
· Organizational Analysis
· Plan of Finance
· Pay application review
· Fund Management
· Schedule
· Budget
· Program Management
· Construction Management
· Consultant and contractor selection
· Scope review
· Team building
· Estimating value engineering
· Contract administration and control
· Quality control
· Building commissioning
· Warranty administration
· Move management